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Ghost Performance Art by David Senior

David What’s up. Nice to see you!
Ghost (wincing) Very funny, smart guy.

David Yeah - sorry. Can never resist that joke.
Ghost (laughing) Whatever! You’re a goofball.

David What’s new? Do anything fun for Halloween?
Ghost Had a couple gigs - it’s kind of a working holiday.
Took our baby out though - that was fun. We have a parade in
our neighborhood for the kids.

David That’s right - you had a kid! Saw some pictures you
put up on Facebook. It’s cool how you tag them so we know
the little one is in the shot!
Ghost Yeah! We’ve been going a little crazy with the photos.
She’s just starting to float around a bit now and she said her first
little “boo” the other day.

David How about work - you able to get in the studio at all?
Ghost Yeah. It’s actually been a good time for making work.
Been making really minimal sculptures at home, writing some
poems. I thought of you too because I’m thinking of making a book
of performance documentation.

David Yeah? That sounds super. I now you’ve always
had a hard time getting that work out there, getting it seen.
Ghost I’d really like to make a little book of the site-specific performances
that I do. Especially the one - Ghost in the Machine - that I did in the
subway last year. That one’s really important to me.

David Super. It does seem important - to provide a bit more info.
An artist’s book can be a great way to document a performance…
I mean I know the limitations you face with this work.
Ghost SORRY – Don’t want to be a drag. I know we’ve talked about
this before. I just put so much energy and time into my events and the public is always so unresponsive. It’s frustrating.

David Yeah (awkward pause). What you are doing is really… subtle.
Ghost You mean, because I am invisible.

David Yes.

Published in 2013
16.5 x 23.6 cm
92 pages
Color Softcover
Black and White Offset
Edition of 1000

Adam O'Reilly, Aki Goto, Ari Marcopoulos, Buffy Noble, C.E aka Cavempt
David Senior, Estelle Hanania, Hayan Kam Nakache, Izet Sheshivari,
Josse Bailly, Lisa Holzer, Maia Ruth Lee, Mehdi Hercberg, Shoboshobo, Virginia Overell

Special Support
Embassy of Foreign Artists Geneva, Switzerland